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Located at the intersection of US Highway 8 and State 13, Prentice offers business and industry, an excellent location with complete services and excellent quality of life.

2006 Population: 640

2006 Aggregate Full Value: $23,870,800

Utilities: Municipal water and wastewater treatment are provided by the Village of Prentice. Electricity and Natural Gas are provided by Xcel Energy. Price County Telcom provides telephone service and high-speed Internet access to Prentice and the nearby area. Cable television is available from Packerland Broadband.

Education: The Prentice School District offers education from grades K-12. Average class size at the grade school level is 23 and high school classes average 15 students per class. Graduating class size is approximately 35, with a 100% graduation rate. About two-thirds of Prentice graduates seek higher education. The school offers “School To Work” and after school “21st Century Learning” programs.

Wisconsin’s Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS) – Prentice Schools

Transportation: Daily truck transportation is offered via US Highway 8 and State Highway 13. Wisconsin Central Railroad provides daily service to the Prentice area via, Stevens Point, Wausau, Prentice, Phillips, Park Falls and Ashland. Prentice has a recently resurfaced, lighted, all-weather airport with daily air freight service. The airport includes a 3250-foot asphalt runway, and is located within the Prentice Industrial Park. Regularly scheduled commercial air service is available at the nearby Rhinelander and Central Wisconsin Airports.

Industrial Sites: Industrial sites are available within the 200-acre development which includes the Prentice Municipal Airport and the Prentice Golf Course. Sites are available with water, sewer, natural gas, electricity and rail service, in whatever size suits your needs.