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Training Photos

Monthly Training Fire Station 605 Spruce Street Fire EMS Headquarters Engine 643 Rescue 645 & 6 Wheel ATV
HQ Fire EMS Headquarters 605 Spruce Street Fire Station 6 Wheel ATV 643 & 645 Testing
Testing LDH Annual Hose Testing Large Diameter Hose Testing
Hose Testing Large Diameter Hose Testing Cherry Street Hose Testing Annual 5″ LDH Hose Testing
Repacking the Engine Hose Bed Engine 641 Hose Testing Prentice Annual Hose Testing
 Hose Testing Repacking 5″ LDH Hose Engine 641 Pump and Hose Testing Pump and Hose Testing Cherry Street
Engine 643 Pump Practice Pump Panel Foam Training 643 Engine 543 Pump Operator Training
Pump Practice Dale Andreae Jim Esterholm Training 643 Engine 643 Pump Panel Foam Training Jay Esterholm Pump Training
643 Dry Hydrant Drafting Engine 643 Drafting Dry Hydrant Engine 643 Drafting Practice
Drafting Engine 643 Dry Hydrant Drafting Buc Pond 643 Dry Hydrant Drafting Practice Removable Monitor Ground Practice
Engine 643 Drop Tank Training Folding Tank Drafting Practice Drafting Practice with Folding Tank
Drafting Engine 643 Drop Tank Practice Folding Tank Drafting Practice Engine 643 Drafting Practice
Practice House Burn Search and Rescue Search and Rescue Live Burn Live House Practice Burn with Hose Lay
Live Burn Live House Practice Burn with Hose Lay Search and Rescue Air Pack Check Engine 643  LDH Lay Practice Burn
Pumping water live burn Hose practice live house burn Debriefing live house burn practice
Live Burn Live House Burn Hose Line Practice 2-1/2 inch hose practice live burn Debriefing live house burn
Engine 641 Pump Training Engine 641 Pump Operation Engine 643 Pump Panel Training
Pump Panel Ron DeBoth & Jim Esterholm Engine 641 Pump Operator 641 Steve Schantner Dale Heikkinen Pump Panel Training
Prentice Fire & EMS Ice Rescue Ice Rescue Training Jump River  Ice Rescue Practice Jump River
Ice Rescue Fire EMS Ice Rescue Practice Jump River Larry England, Kevin Wollemann, Marv Steliga Brian Cleveland and Marv Steliga (Lower) Heikki Heikkinen Rescue Training
Fire Rescue EMS Ice Rescue Practice Ice Rescue Practice with Gumby Wet Suits Fire EMS pulling rescue personnel from water
Ice Rescue Ice Rescue Sled Practice Ice Rescue sled practice Pulling rescue sled to shore
Propane Tree Twin Fog attack lines FD Propane Tree Extinguish Practice Twin Fog Nozzle attack lines
Fog Lines Propane Tank Twin Fog Line Attack Propane Fog Nozzle Practice Twin Fog Nozzle Lines
Vehicle Extrication Training Instructor Vehicle Extrication Training  Vehicle Extrication Training
EMS Vehicle Extrication Training Instructor Fire EMS Vehicle Extrication Class Fire EMS Jaws of Life Practice
 Spirit Air Prentice Ball Field  Landing Zone Spirit Air Prentice  Spirit Air Landing Prentice Ball Field
Airport Secure Landing Zone Practice Spirit Air Landing Zone Ball Field Fire EMS Loading Patient
 Prentice Municipal Airport Spirit Air Red Cross Air Plane at Airport EVOC Training at Prentice Municipal Airport
Airport Prentice Airport Ambulances & Spirit Air Red Cross airplane at Prentice Airport EVOC training at Prentice Airport
Fire Dept training at Prentice School Mock drill at Prentice High School Mock chemical spill drill on South Street
School Jay Esterholm & Steve Schantner Mock drill at Prentice High School Mock chemical spill drill on South Street
Compressed Air Bottle Fill Station Filling Air Bottles Training Breathing Apparatus Rescue Van
Airpack Compair-Mako-Bottle-Air Fill Station Leo Vedder Filling Air Supply Bottles Breathing Apparatus Rescue Van
Engine 643 & 641 grass burn Pumping practice with monitor Burning grass for fire suppression
Grass burning Engines 643 & 641 grass burning Jeff Pearson directing monitor 643 Night burning grass for fire suppression